Outstanding DGR logistic to transport your dangerous products carefully!

If you are enthusiastically looking for a reliable DGR certified company for your goods, then our organization stands first in providing accurate assistance to the customers. Our company is specialized in dealing with dangerous goods and deliver them through different means may it be air or sea. Our organization has a strong relationship with international airlines and several shipping lines. Moreover, we do recommend how a customer ant his goods to reach, either by air or sea. The services are dedicated and we make sure that the product reaches on time so that customers can rely on us easily. The team members are active and can provide proper assistance round the clock. The crew is trained in handling IATA DGR goods so that they can handle all the products safely.

We have UN certificate and knows how to keep up with its standard. Our company has several years of experience in dealing with logistic work without causing any trouble. The packing boxes are safe and approved so that products can remain safe in them. By using the latest technique, we pack all the hazardous goods so that no harm is caused to them. 

Our company is one of the trusted logistic service providers, which provide door to door services to all the experts, who want to deliver their hazardous products through cargo or air. We have an expert crew of members that can handle clients and assist them with appropriate services. The team of DGR logistic knows how to take complete safety measure while transporting material. These services are offered to handle various hazardous products like lithium & lead acid batteries, petroleum crude oil, pesticides, and various chemical paints.

The team offers good packing and forwarding services so that customer can praise them and their work. We even provide commendable services on UN Certified Packaging and even consult customers related to their products. We transport all the products globally so that customers can get their material safely. We pack all the goods in an exclusive manner so that our professionalism is reflected. Customers can get all the kinds of packing services at a fewer price.


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